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About Lumicon

Since its inception almost 4 decades ago, Lumicon has always remained the pioneers, the innovators and the leader in the development and manufacturing of observational and photographic filters and accessories for astronomy, telescopes and related astro equipment.

Over the years, our specialized team of astrophysicists, optical and mechanical engineers, professional astronomers and astro-photographers invented, perfected and introduced to the astronomy community the most revered, popular and sought after filters; including the first anti-light pollution filter on the market, the Deep Sky Filter, as well as the often imitated, yet never matched, Oxygen III Filter, the Ultra High Contrast (UHC) Filter, the Hydrogen-Beta Filter and the Comet Filter. All of our nebula and light pollution filters are individually tested, approved and proudly inscribed with the percentage of light transmittance of their primary emission lines. We pride ourselves on making these filters in the USA and not in China or overseas like most of our competitors.

Lumicon offers the most extensive line of quality astronomical filters for every imagined visual and astro-photographic application in many unique configurations and sizes: telescope filters for light polluted skies, planets, deep sky objects, galaxies, nebulae, planetary nebulae, comets, as well as filters for ultraviolet, infrared and solar prominence viewing and photography.

We also offer a complete line of award winning visual and photographic accessories, including the world famous Lumicon Easy Guider Series of telescope guiders and guiding equipment, the largest selection of Telescope Camera Adapters, T-Rings, and Step Rings, the Super Finder Series of finder-scopes and mounting brackets, the Universal Piggyback Camera Mounts, the Universal Laser Pointer Bracket, 5 mW Green Laser Pointers, high performance Telescope Eyepieces and Diagonals, as well as an extensive line of Optical Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Kits.

Lumicon continues to introduce new and high quality astronomy accessories and continuously improves and perfects current designs. We keep on staff optical engineers, astronomers, astro-photographers, and highly trained technicians to support you and your genuine Lumicon equipment.

All Lumicon products are not only designed for the highest performance and quality, they are always offered to the beginning stargazer as well as the professional astronomer at very reasonable and competitive prices!

To ensure that all of our filters and astronomy accessories remain the world’s best, the strictest quality control standards are employed throughout the production process.

Genuine Lumicon equipment come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!